The digital transformation is highly complex. With our ecosystem, however, we can successfully support even the most extensive business and IT transformations

Who we are

In the new, digital world of accelerated and disruptive change, Darwin’s evolutionary theory “Survival of the fittest” takes on a whole new meaning: Digitalization will be absolutely critical to the future of any company. The new digital economy goes far beyond the pure consideration of technology issues and will trigger a new wave of transformations in the way leading companies do their business. Due to the large thematic scope and many starting points, a successful digital transformation is ultimately only possible with the cooperation of various experts such as strategists, marketeers, industry experts, organizational designers, data scientists, artificial intelligence experts, programmers and system integrators as well as project and change managers. For this reason, various companies have joined forces in the Digital Transformation Alliance in order to be able to advise companies holistically and comprehensively on their digital transformation.

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Strategic advice in the digitization of corporations

Strategy & Transformation Consulting is a strategy and transformation consultancy with a focus on digitalization. Our currently around 25 consultants support companies in successfully using the opportunities of digitalization and actively shaping the necessary changes.

Integrated data platforms & end2end IT transformations

PITERION, with more than 250 employees and offices around the world, is an international player in the area of IT integration and data management which forms the basis for operating model digitisation, industrial IT, industry 4.0 and VR / AR / VUI / AI solutions.


Smart business analytics & artificial intelligence solutions

YaiGlobal is your one-stop-shop for facilitating your business analytics (BA) and artificial intelligence (AI) projects. The firm – head-quartered in the Silicon Valley (US) – has many years of industry experience and expertise in managing Big Data using state of the art AI and Cloud computing.


Your agile mindset for successful projects

Tiba is your strong partner to ensure your future viability. The range of support services we offer includes productivity and performance training, project management, change management, and teaching you how to deliver value continuously.